Sabrina Slims

Sabrina Slims Love Notions
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This is so exciting. A few of us blogger started a fun thing, The Fitting Experiment. We got together with a group of people with completely different body types and sizes. We will all be making the same pattern, so you all can see it on different sizes and bodies. We are still looking to expand the group with more diverse people, so feel free to drop me an email if you are interested in joining us! Make sure to read through to the end, there’s stuff to win too! 😉

Sabrina Slims Love Notions
Our first pattern was kindly sponsored by Love Notions.  We made the Sabrina Slims . It’s a slim fit pair of pull on pants, with a ton load of options. I made the plain version with front pockets, you can add back pockets, there’s also a version with a seam in the front and a slit at the ankle, many options! I made a size 24 waist, 26 hips, 22 sight, 20 calf and I used ponte.

Sabrina Slims Love Notions
When it was just done it was way too big on my thighs, it’s not an uncommon thing for me, my legs are slimmer then the rest of me and fitting them can be a challenge. I ended up putting them on inside out and pinning out the excess. That helped a ton, but I’m going to need to do a full tummy adjustment on the next pair. I wish I had had time to try that and make another pair, but I got sick and I ended up running out of time. They are not bad at all for a first muslin tho! The pattern comes with a great instruction booklet for fitting pants, so you can use that when you run into fitting issues! A great resource.

A special thank you to Love Notions for sponsoring The Fitting Experiment bloggers with patterns so that we can share our thoughts with you. Love Notions has kindly provided a 20% off shop discount code for all our readers. Please use this code at checkout: FittingEXPSabrinas

In addition, Love Notions has given us TWO copies of Sabrina Slims to giveaway. For a chance to win, comment below. For more chances to win, comment on the other blogs too! You can check out their posts below:

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44 thoughts on “Sabrina Slims

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  4. What a great idea! Fitting things as I sew is always a challenge and an area I need to work on. These pants look cool. I want to try some. Happy sewing!


  5. I’m really enjoying The Fitting Experiment blog posts on the Sabrina Slims. It’s great to compare on so many bodies. I’d love to see your second pair and the differences between the fits.


  6. I am a beginner sewer and this post us great. It helps to see the process of finding the best fit for your own body shape. I always thought that sewing a garment was quick and easy but there’s a lot of work that goes into creating beautiful things.


  7. I love The Fitting Experiment. It is nice to see how the same pattern can be made for different bodies. I was a bit afraid of the Sabrina Slims because I didn’t think it would look that great on my body, but after reading through all the blogs, the fear is gone and I will give it a try.
    I just joined your FB group, was already following you on FB and Insta


  8. I’d love to see what your next version will look like, this one is already a great fit! I’d love to try my hand too, but I have only social account… no blog.


  9. i really like the fabric you chose! turning pants inside out has helped me before..i love that trick! thanks for this series i look forward to more posts!


  10. I have quite a distinct pear shape, so have always tended to gravitate towards flared bootleg style pants to give illusion of balance, but I recently lost a bit of weight & with all photos of the Sabrina’s on so many diff bodies, I think maybe I’m gonna give this pattern a try 👍


  11. Thanks for the review! I love that these dont look pull on. I hadntvthought of putting a pair on inside out to fit them to my body, I think that nugget will be a useful one when I finally embark on my trouser journey!


  12. After 5 babies, my body shape is exactly like yours. I’ve decided to stop putting off making clothes for myself until I ‘lose weight’ and instead I’m going to sew for me as I am now.
    Thank you for joining the experiment. You’ve certainly helped my confidence!


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